Cooperative of Indigenous Studies Students & Alumni


The Cooperative of Indigenous Studies Students & Alumni was developed at McMaster University as a means to further promote and support Indigenous peoples, Knowledge and culture.


Our mission statement: To raise awareness of both local and global Indigenous issues within the McMaster, Hamilton and Six Nations communities. To further foster a sense of welcoming and belonging to all Indigenous and Indigenous Studies students within all levels of community (McMaster, Six Nations, Hamilton, etc.)

The C.I.S.S.A. mission is achieved through:

→ creating events and workshops to raise awareness of Indigenous issues, promote strength and resilience of Indigenous peoples and share and promote Indigenous knowledge and culture.


→ Hosting realistic and tangible fundraisers to enable our group to carry out various projects, workshops and activities and which perpetuate Indigenous core values (including, but not limited to: regeneration, sustainability, Indigenous Knowlege and local support



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